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Debt Advice

National Debt Advisors has been voted South Africa’s number one debt counselling company in South Africa. We have been around for many years, are an active part of the debt and credit industry and have a huge staff component, which includes a large percentage of NCR registered debt counsellors.

We are perfectly positioned to offer you professional, sound debt advice – via our consultants, our debt counsellors, our website and social media sites. Whether you require specific advice on debt counselling, the process of debt review, debt consolidation, loans, blacklisting or just personal finance in general – NDA can assist

Help across South Africa

It does not matter where in South Africa you are – we can help you.

It doesn’t matter if you reside in Cape Town, Gauteng, Bloemfontein, Mpumalanga, Durban, Gqeberha, Pretoria, Mitchells Plain, Khayelitsha, Soweto, Villiersdorp or anywhere else, NDA can help you.

Online debt review process

You do not have to physically come into our offices to get the best service in the industry. No matter where you are in the country, we can give you all the advice you need and do the entire debt review process online and over the telephone.

Seek help ASAP

The best debt advice that we can give to anyone – is to seek help the moment you start feeling unsettled by your finances. Do not wait until you have received lawyers letters and summonses – by then there is very little a registered debt counsellor (or anyone else) can do.

Debt Review

Debt review is a debt relief option put in place through the the National Credit Act (NCA) to assist over-indebted consumers to become debt-free.
The entire credit industry, which includes debt counselling and all registered debt counsellors is regulated by the National Credit Regulator(NCR)

Registered debt counsellors

The website of the NCR holds a list of all registered debt counsellors. If you are dealing with someone who is not on that list, please halt all interaction immediately.

Like in any industry there are good practitioners and bad practitioners. Getting debt advice from an unregistered debt counsellor and even worse getting scammed by someone who isn’t even a registered debt counsellor – is not what you need when you are financially vulnerable.

NDA is South Africa’s leading debt counselling company. Let us help you.

Debt advice

Areas we cover

Debt advice

Areas we cover

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