Gifts for Teenage Girls

Teenage girls are one of the hardest group of people to shop for. If you feel like you are being set up to fail, consider this your cheat sheet. We have rounded up this year’s cult-favourite beauty products, hottest tech gadgets and under-the-radar accessories that will earn you the title of Best Gift-Giver Ever.

Netflix – Binge Assistant

Sundays are all about Netflix bingeing so why not get her a cardboard smartphone projector which will upgrade her laptop-on-pillow setup to an at-home movie theater. It’s compatible with ios and Android phones and projects up to eight times your smartphone’s screen.

Trim Jewellery Tray

Once Christmas has passed, you won’t have a lot of trouble getting her out of bed in the morning. You will be glad you got her a chic trim jewellery tray in the glitziest colours which will get her excited about getting ready in the morning and picking out accessories. This is also a great way to get her to stash her stuff she loses constantly like Student Card, and keys.)

Beauty Blender – Makeup bag must-have!

You might not know what a Beauty Blender is but she will know. A BeautyBlender sponge has a cult following because it allows you to master practically any makeup tutorials on YouTube. It is perfect stocking stuffer check and any beauty queen will love it. You can never have too many.

Phone case = Hotline Bling

Get an Acrylic phone case infused with gold leaf flakes for girls whose selfies always sparkle. Or if she isn’t about sparkles get her any trendy phone case to make sure her selfie game is always on fleek.  It also has a raised edge to keep her phone extra safe.

Battery Aid

Everyone hates seeing their phone battery dying, especially the young ones. Get her a portable battery pack which is one of those baseball bat gifts that benefits you and your teens. Anyone can throw this to-go charger in their bad and stay powered all day.