Gifts for Girls

We know the annual drill; your kid writes a wish list of the presents she just has to receive this Christmas holiday. It is 101 lines long and includes everything she has spotted at the toy store all year (plus all the items her, uhm spoiled friend received for her birthday last month).

Here are a few that will get the award for Mommy or Daddy of the year.

Jumbo Talking Minion Dave:

Minions took over their own movie and you might as well gear up for the inevitable sequel. Get an adorable talking Dave because it is the perfect gift for fans of the film as well as those that have loved minions since the first Despicable Me.

Boogie Board:

A boogie board is a kid friendly and environmentally friendly gift, you cannot go wrong with this. It is great for any drawing, writing and more, plus it is a terrific school tool for the kids.

Teepee Tent:

Twinkle, twinkle, little tent? Little tents are imaginatively designed in different patterns and colours. The magical teepee tent enchants kids as it is perfect for both indoors play and backyard camping on a hot summer’s day. Big enough for your kids to host a sleepover, it is easy to set-up and takedown.

Tea Party Set:

Hosting a tea party is going to be your daughters favourite thing to do. Every child loves a tea party, so why not get her a cute little set to enjoy with friends and family.

Frozen Mini Art Set:

One of the hit Disney movies that is sure to have a sequel, Frozen has plenty of different characters to choose from. She will love paints and drawing different characters with her friends. Picking a favourite princess or character will be the most fun for your little one to enjoy will be a breeze.