DIY Christmas Cards

So we have helped you choose the best Christmas presents to give this year, now you just need to choose the most beautiful way to say “Merry Christmas” by sending some homemade postcards to family and friends. Avoid the generic store-bought Christmas cards and opt for creative ideas; your children will actually enjoy helping you with this.

There is nothing more genuine than showing your love and care with a stunning and DIY Christmas greeting cards. Of course, we all know you can send an email or a text message, but please, be a little more creative this year. Most people display their Christmas cards, and you will definitely want yours to be center and stand out.

Fun festive family picture Card

Surprise friends and family with a picture of your family dressed in festive clothing. From Santa, to reindeers, this could be a little fun actively that you and the family will enjoy.

Homemade Christmas Tree Card

Surprise friends and family with a cute, easy-to-create handmade holiday card. It is trendy and can have as many patterns and traditional Christmas colours to make it pop. All you need to do is find a template you like, print it, trim the card, cut then fold triangles and assemble into 3-D tree and you are done.

Scrappy Dappy Gift Card

Everyone loves gifts, so why not make a card with presents in front. Use some of your patterned paper scraps to make gift boxes on a card. This also saves you a little bit on the resources.

Pop Up Christmas Card

When you hear or see pop-up most people think it going to de difficult but actually, it is easier than you think. Take things back to basics on this one, as it is important to remember that good deeds come in all shapes and sizes. All you will need is a paper card, paper Christmas tree ornament, markers and glue. Put them all together and you have a beautiful pop-up Christmas card to give to anyone you like.

Good luck and break out the scissors!