Gift Baskets and Hampers

Sometimes getting one item just doesn’t make sense when you want to give someone an amazing gift, so we tend to try something a little bit more interesting, like a gift basket that will rock their socks off!

Chocolate Gift Basket:

This is definitely a classic gift basket idea and depending on your budget, you can choose between a small number of gourmet chocolates or a large number of regular chocolates to give. Either way, your recipient’s sweet tooth will thank you for it. To add a little extra to the gift, maybe try making your own chocolate to add as a gift.

Wine and Cheese Gift Basket:

Here is another classic that you can never go wrong with. Select a bottle of wine, some wedges of cheese and a few delectable crackers to go with the wine and cheese. Add a cheese slicer, a cheese board, a couple of wine glasses and a wine opener or a wine and cheese magazine and boom you have a perfect gift basket.

Aromatic Gift Basket:

If you want to pamper someone, this will be perfect for your recipient. Put together a gift basket full of scented candles, aromatic bath oils, scented massage oils, incense sticks, room fresheners and car fresheners. This will make the recipient remember you every time they use it.

Varsity Gift Basket:

Varsity always means distance between friends and family, which is why sometimes it can get hard on everyone. However, if you come up with the idea of sending a varsity care package, you will be able to bring the recipient a reminder of home. This is an extremely versatile gift, so you can throw anything from favourite snacks, beauty products, and daily necessities to photos, clothing items and letters.

A beautiful gift idea with a lot of thought will get you a lot of brownie points.

Personalized Gift Basket:

Ultimately no gift basket can top the one you design yourself! Chances are, you already know the person well, so you know their likes and dislikes – making it easy to find things they love. Take their interests and your relationship into account and you can put together one of the best gift baskets in the world. Ideas are not limited to favourite foods, movies, books, inside jokes items, accessories. They will enjoy this gift as much as you enjoyed making it.