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millennial loyalty south africa

Millennial Loyalty – Millennial Concerns

Traditional problems in a new age world


In a strange twist of events, millennials are now more loyal than ever when considering their place of employment. A segment of the working world that has, until recently, been seen as dis-loyal when considering employment, the recent changes in economy and society have pushed this group into worry – now more concerned with keeping their current jobs than finding something better and brighter.

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Valentine's Day South Africa

Valentine’s Day: The Debt of Love

Valentine’s Day is always a special time. Whether in a long term relationship, a hopeful couple or just friends, this is a day for celebrating the special people in your life. Shrouded in love and romance, this is a day for enjoying each other’s company to the fullest. However, when the night is over and reality comes back, make sure you haven’t succumbed to the debt of love.

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sa consumer south africa

The SA consumer in 2017: hold on tight

While the aftershock of 2016 still rings in the ears of the SA consumer, we look to the year ahead with high hopes and positivity…well we did at least. What seems to be a bumpier ride than the year before, it is time for consumers to buckle their seat belts and hold on tight.

With special warning towards those toying with over indebtedness, 2017 is forecast to be a bumpy ride, creating an atmosphere within which those who struggle with debt have to tighten their wallets and control their spending if they want to make it through the year. With a January petrol hike making basic expenses even higher, coupled with a range of other increases and policy tweaks, the over indebted are soon to be in dire straits.

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South Africa holidays

The Affordable South Africa Holidays

The South Africa holidays that don’t cost an arm and a leg


Rated as one of the top tourist destinations in the world, South Africa holidays are amoung the best you can get. With a diverse range of natural splendor, travelers can choose between any and every type of terrain or ecosystem. One of the greatest perks of living in this stunning place? Being a tourist in your own country. Knowing the local spots, here are some places to see that won’t break the bank.

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Understanding your credit score

Understanding your credit score in South Africa

The ins and outs of understanding your credit score

As a credit user in South Africa, understanding your credit score is of the utmost importance to your financial well-being. Whether a finance guru or the average Joe, knowing the ins and outs, good and bad, allows you to take control of your money and spend wisely to secure your future.

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student loans millennial debt

The Millennial Debt

From student loans to the modern family, this is Millennial Debt


Starting out as a young adult can be a tricky transition. One minute you are in the once in a life time experience of university, the next you are supposed to find your own way in life without so much as a helping hint- painted as an amazing fortress of opportunity, life can sometimes turn your views upside down. Continue reading