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What does it mean now that Trump is president?

What does it mean now that Trump is president?

Since the announcement of Donald Trump’s, excuse me….future President Donald Trump’s win, the world has gone a bit crazy. With some people rejoicing and others running for the hills, this is a definite sign that the next few months will be an interesting time. Figuring out what happens next, what does it mean now that Trump is president? Many are thinking it’s time to travel.

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millennials invest

The Unconventional Ways Millennials Invest

The unrelenting volatility of the global and local market is expected to persist into the foreseeable future. This shaky scenario has been met with bearish sentiment – investment talk for the expectation of a downward price movement in the stock market.

Naturally, of these potential investors are a few millennials – young adults of 21 – 34 years of age. History shows that stocks give reasonable returns in the long run. However, it would seem millennials are far less keen on the stock markets than their predecessors. Continue reading


What Will T-Day Bring?

T-Day Approaches

T-Day – the day tax reforms for retirement funds of all kinds will be launched – is set to take place on 1 March, 2016.

The major aim of the new tax regime is to focus the financial activities of South Africans on savings and investment for retirement – by means of tax-free savings accounts (TFSAs), capital accumulation and income tax deductions. Continue reading

Interested in Group Savings? Watch Out for Stokvel Scams!

Don’t Be Fooled By Stokvel Scams 

If you’ve been approached to join a stokvel or are considering joining one, you should be cautious of stokvel scams, especially the current high-risk scheme presenting itself as a stokvel called Kipi Investments, Kipi Investment Dreams or Mydeposit247 Community. Chris Walker operates the scheme, as well as a number of related schemes, one of which the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) closed down in 2013, namely Defencex. Continue reading