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The SA consumer in 2017: hold on tight

While the aftershock of 2016 still rings in the ears of the SA consumer, we look to the year ahead with high hopes and positivity…well we did at least. What seems to be a bumpier ride than the year before, it is time for consumers to buckle their seat belts and hold on tight.

With special warning towards those toying with over indebtedness, 2017 is forecast to be a bumpy ride, creating an atmosphere within which those who struggle with debt have to tighten their wallets and control their spending if they want to make it through the year. With a January petrol hike making basic expenses even higher, coupled with a range of other increases and policy tweaks, the over indebted are soon to be in dire straits.

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The Urban Broke Are Still Trendy

Ever look at the friends around you and think “I WANT IT, NO… I NEED IT!!!” From the expensive designer clothes they wear, the trendy areas they live in, the high-end cars they drive, the after work drinks at roof top bars and the hotel dinners… all so that you can keep up appearances and let’s not forget those Instagram posts to show the rest of the world that you are out #LivingYourBestLife. Continue reading

How to get a good credit score in South Africa

How to get a good credit score in South Africa?

How to get a good credit score?

Learning to be a functional adult and understanding the financial world, is something that many people struggle with. Credit and credit scores are highly important for any modern-day consumer. If you want to invest in a car or property, chances are you will have to take a loan or bond, which is why your credit record needs to be squeaky clean. Do you know how to get a good credit score?

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What Will T-Day Bring?

T-Day Approaches

T-Day – the day tax reforms for retirement funds of all kinds will be launched – is set to take place on 1 March, 2016.

The major aim of the new tax regime is to focus the financial activities of South Africans on savings and investment for retirement – by means of tax-free savings accounts (TFSAs), capital accumulation and income tax deductions. Continue reading

funeral or life insurance

5 Powerful Reasons for Funeral or Life Insurance

The prevalent misconception that taking out funeral or life insurance on your spouse is a tasteless thing to do has somehow persisted within modern society. Far too many South African couples neglect to cover one another in this way, leaving their families vulnerable to financial risk.

The reason why so many people avoid taking out funeral or life insurance on their partner seems to be that of a fear of appearing as if they are planning their loved one’s death. Continue reading