Debt Wisdom

Need a little debt wisdom to help you get out of debt? Or warn you against bad financial habits that may lead to debt? Here are some wise words for you.

How to get a good credit score in South Africa

How to get a good credit score in South Africa?

How to get a good credit score?

Learning to be a functional adult and understanding the financial world, is something that many people struggle with. Credit and credit scores are highly important for any modern-day consumer. If you want to invest in a car or property, chances are you will have to take a loan or bond, which is why your credit record needs to be squeaky clean. Do you know how to get a good credit score?

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Consumer Terms for Clued-up Credit Users

Educating yourself on all of the consumer terms used in the credit industry and consumer law is a smart measure to take, in order to protect yourself against predatory lenders, reckless credit providers, loan sharks and other financial fiends.

Thus, you should always stay up to date with the relevant legislature and legal terminology, as well as acquaint yourself with your consumer rights under the National Credit Act, to avoid becoming a victim of financial injustice and so that you can get financial redress if you are ever taken advantage of. Continue reading

Snippets of Debt Wisdom

As the eminent quote by Sun Tzu goes in his influential book, The Art of War,

 “If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.”

And, I’m certain that any debtor in the world would agree that being in debt is a lot like being ensnared in a drawn-out war of daily battles against an inexorable enemy. Continue reading

Petrol price drop

Fuel Prices May Have Dropped, But Has Your Debt?

A silver lining has finally haloed the obstinate dark cloud that unrelentingly casts doom and gloom over South Africa’s economy, when fuel prices fell by 93c a liter, on Tuesday 3 February 2015.

Similarly, diesel dropped by 9.9% and paraffin went down by R1.36. The Department of Energy attributed the drop in fuel prices to a decrease in the price of crude oil. However, you may want to hold off on breaking out your most expensive bottle of champagne, as analysts predict an upward price trend in fuel prices in the years to come. Continue reading