debt stress

Debt stress is a very serious issue that can disrupt sleeping patterns, cause panic attacks and afflict devastating anxiety on the debtor, if not attended to.

banks in south africa

Banks don’t want your house

Surprisingly enough, the banks don’t want your house, so when it comes to repossession of assets…remember there is always a plan to be made. Usually one of the biggest monthly expenses, also becoming one of the biggest financial headaches for consumers, home loans are a daunting element of life that many face. When you are battling to keep up with bond repayments, remember there is always a helping hand. Whether speaking to the bank, or getting advice from the National Debt Advisors, make sure to manage your debt responsibly. Continue reading

South Africa holidays

The Affordable South Africa Holidays

The South Africa holidays that don’t cost an arm and a leg


Rated as one of the top tourist destinations in the world, South Africa holidays are amoung the best you can get. With a diverse range of natural splendor, travelers can choose between any and every type of terrain or ecosystem. One of the greatest perks of living in this stunning place? Being a tourist in your own country. Knowing the local spots, here are some places to see that won’t break the bank.

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prescribed debt

Prescribed Debt: the forgotten amount

It pays to know your rights about prescribed debt


A set of circumstances that is fairly unknown to the general consumer, prescribed debt is an important port of debt collection that can often catch people unaware. Prescribed debt is, in short, old debt that has not been acknowledged or paid within three years. Often chased down by debt collectors, many credit users do not know they do not have to pay this debt unless they accept it.

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Understanding your credit score

Understanding your credit score in South Africa

The ins and outs of understanding your credit score

As a credit user in South Africa, understanding your credit score is of the utmost importance to your financial well-being. Whether a finance guru or the average Joe, knowing the ins and outs, good and bad, allows you to take control of your money and spend wisely to secure your future.

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student loans millennial debt

The Millennial Debt

From student loans to the modern family, this is Millennial Debt


Starting out as a young adult can be a tricky transition. One minute you are in the once in a life time experience of university, the next you are supposed to find your own way in life without so much as a helping hint- painted as an amazing fortress of opportunity, life can sometimes turn your views upside down. Continue reading

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Escape the Debt Trap!

Escape the Debt Trap Today!

Useless Debt 

You may have attempted to escape the debt trap and failed miserably or are finding the latter impossibly difficult.  But, if you’ve accumulated useless debt, you need to realise that tackling the problem will take time. Continue reading

Fairy Tale Funerals and Debt Haunted Lives

South African Funerals and Debt

Studies have shown that 85% of individuals’ debt troubles begin with the death of a family member. For many, losing a breadwinner means taking on their responsibilities, which could involve providing for one’s own family, as well as bereft dependents, such as elderly parents or the family of a deceased relative. Continue reading

Shopaholic Debt and The Battle of The Splurge

As with most psychological disorders, when a habit starts to put other areas of your life at risk, it is generally classified as a disorder and the same applies to bad shopping habits and a diagnosis of shopaholism, compulsive buying disorder (CBD), or oniomania.

Your job may be at risk because of constant online shopping, while your health and energy levels may be suffering due to engaging in excessive physical activity during your daily shopping marathons. Your personal relationships may be taking strain, as dishonesty, overspending and secretive hoarding may be creating conflict between you and your partner. Continue reading

Hard-hitting Tips for Cost Cutting

Considering all the anxiety and exhaustion that accompanies keeping up a facade of being well-off, the words ‘nonsensical’ and ‘self-defeating’ immediately come to mind, when it comes to living beyond one’s means simply to impress others.

In truth, we are all going through tough financial times, and living in denial over the stark reality of your situation will simply prolong the misery, as this is how small inconveniences turn into uncontrollable catastrophes. Continue reading

Snippets of Debt Wisdom

As the eminent quote by Sun Tzu goes in his influential book, The Art of War,

 “If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.”

And, I’m certain that any debtor in the world would agree that being in debt is a lot like being ensnared in a drawn-out war of daily battles against an inexorable enemy. Continue reading