Debt Free Benefits

Find out how much better your life could be, if you were debt free.

The Urban Broke Are Still Trendy

Ever look at the friends around you and think “I WANT IT, NO… I NEED IT!!!” From the expensive designer clothes they wear, the trendy areas they live in, the high-end cars they drive, the after work drinks at roof top bars and the hotel dinners… all so that you can keep up appearances and let’s not forget those Instagram posts to show the rest of the world that you are out #LivingYourBestLife. Continue reading

Snippets of Debt Wisdom

As the eminent quote by Sun Tzu goes in his influential book, The Art of War,

 “If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.”

And, I’m certain that any debtor in the world would agree that being in debt is a lot like being ensnared in a drawn-out war of daily battles against an inexorable enemy. Continue reading

Let’s Count All the Ways Being Debt Free Pays!

Listing all of the reasons you should get out of debt is a great way of motivating yourself to stay on ‘the straight and narrow’, on your way to becoming completely debt free! This way of keeping your eye on the prize is most effective if you remind yourself frequently why you really want to become debt free.

Ask yourself the following questions regularly: how will being debt free benefit my life? What will I be able to do when I’m debt free that I can’t do now? And, how will debt freedom brighten my future? Below are the answers to these burning questions that will inspire you to get on board and stay on course! Continue reading