debt counselling explained

Debt Counselling Online

Keeping your financial affairs in order is far more complicated these days.

In the past, you could find a job with a local company for life, enjoy a steady income and get a generous, specified pension upon retiring. Today, you are forced to navigate a volatile job market, while also keeping up with wider societal trends, such as buying into the housing market, paying off debts and building up savings for the future. Continue reading

Professional Debt Counselling Explained

Debt Counselling Explained

If you need debt counselling explained to you in a simple and understandable way, you’re certainly in the right place. In 2007, the National Credit Act came into effect and along with it, a new, improved rehabilitation process for over-indebtedness.

We refer to this process as professional debt counselling or debt review. Debt counselling was designed to protect consumers from predatory or reckless lenders, and to rehabilitate consumers back into the credit market. Continue reading