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Learn what your consumer rights are under the National Credit Act and fight for consumer protection.

recession in south africa

Consumers urged: no to debt during recession

Recession is a hard time in any circumstance, from increased rates to decreased value for money, consumers can feel the pinch out of nowhere. As South Africa enters into a technical recession, the National Credit Regulators have urged consumers to stay away from new or unneeded debts in our worsening economic climate.

In early June, Statistics South Africa announced that the country’s economy moved into a recession after the GDP contracted in two consecutive quarters- showing negative growth in the first quarter of 2017 and GDP contraction of 0.3% in the fourth quarter of 2016. While this is bad for the country overall, those with debt stress will have an even gloomier image in front of them.

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What is a Garnishee Order?

What is a garnishee order and how does it work?

When you are in financial trouble, debt counselling can provide you with a solution that can help you find your way back to financial stability and with a Constitutional Court’s ruling earlier this year, the garnishee order as we know it could be a thing of the past.

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prescribed debt

Prescribed Debt: the forgotten amount

It pays to know your rights about prescribed debt


A set of circumstances that is fairly unknown to the general consumer, prescribed debt is an important port of debt collection that can often catch people unaware. Prescribed debt is, in short, old debt that has not been acknowledged or paid within three years. Often chased down by debt collectors, many credit users do not know they do not have to pay this debt unless they accept it.

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National Credit Act breach for Lewis SA

Lewis faces fine for breaching National Credit Act

Found guilty of infringing on the National Credit Act (NCA), Lewis Stores are quickly finding themselves in hot water. Having offered or demanded sales of insurance and financial packages to customers, who should not qualify or do not need them, they have breached the NCA and must now pay the price.

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Lewis Referred to Consumer Tribunal Again

On Tuesday, Lewis Group announced that its subsidiary, Lewis Stores would face the National Consumer Tribunal (NCT) for suspected contraventions of the National Credit Act (NCA). Lewis may be fined heftily if found to be at fault.

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consumer debt

SA Consumer Debt – Don’t Get Trapped

Consumer Debt in South Africa

Consumer debt is a major problem in our country. For this reason, we should all be at our most vigilant, when it comes to over-committing ourselves to consumer debt.

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